Cara Moorcroft

“Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Joseph Pilates, “Return to Life”

Cara is a graduate of The Pilates Center’s Advanced Teacher Training Program and a lifelong student of Pilates. She currently teaches in Marin County.

Physical Fitness has always been part of Cara’s life. She was a competitive swimmer in High School and College. As an adult, she joined the advertising world but remained passionate about physical fitness and found she was happiest when moving. She ran, did yoga, cycled and swam as often as she could. After having two children and beginning to feel the effects childbirth and a sports- filled youth have on an adult body, she found Pilates. Cara was amazed at the Method’s unique ability to challenge and strengthen the whole body without aggravating injuries but healing them instead. Cara decided that the only thing better than finding her own physical fitness through Pilates was to teach others to do the same. She is amazed every day by the genius of Joseph Pilates and the benefits of the method he created. Cara is honored to work with clients of all levels to help them find optimal health, meet their fitness goals and ultimately, achieve happiness through physical fitness.