The Centre focuses on a holistic approach to achieve body awareness, fluidity of movement, grace and efficiency. Check out our other services and activities all of which, taken together or separately help you achieve your true physical potential.


Pilates Mat Classes

Tuesdays – 11:30am-12:30pm
All levels Mat class with Maria Ismen, Pilates and MELT Method teacher.

Wednedays – 7:45-8:15am
“Ten For $10” Mat Class with Kathleen McDonough
Ten bucks a class if purchased in a pack of 10 classes (or drop-in rate of $25/class). You do need to have previous Pilates experience/clearance from Kathleen to join this class as it is whole body movement.

Wednesdays – 5:30–6:30pm
MELT Method Weekly Class with Maria Ismen, Pilates and MELT Method teacher

Thursdays – 11am-12pm
Experience a Fundamentals Mat class with Physical Therapist and Pilates teacher, Kathleen McDonough. These classes are for beginners and intermediate Pilates students with a focus on rehabilitation. As a long time Physical Therapist, Kathleen has an eye for detail and helps ensure form is ideal and each student receives some individual attention.

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