Craniosacral Therapy


Just as we have a rhythm to our breath and heart beat, our cerebral spinal fluid system also has a rhythmic flow. Based on 70 years clinical experience of thousands of osteopathic physicians, naturopaths, and bodyworkers, craniosacral therapy recognizes the craniosacral pulse – primary breath – as the organizing force behind the function of our nervous system. Anything that disrupts the harmonious flow of the craniosacral system, affects the functioning of the body.

Nutritional deficiency, toxic exposure, prolonged stress, birth trauma, accidents, childhood injuries, parental abandonment or over control, abuse, death of loved ones, divorce, moving home, fearful threat, and brain injury – these upsets can create permanent impressions on the nervous system.

Craniosacral Therapy, or Biodynamic Cranial Touch, helps reconnect you deeply with the source of your inner health — your heart of stillness — and allows it to guide you. Through gentle touch, connecting directly with the nervous system, you are invited to descend from your head to your heart. The attention shifts down your spine, finally reaching the pelvis, taking you on a journey toward a deeper connection with your body where you experience exceptional inner peace.

When you relax, stillness will abate your brain’s vigilance, calming the stress ‘fight or flight’ reflexes. This allows the disjointed segments of your nervous system to harmonize and reunite until you sense your body floating in a seamless fluid motion. Once you have acclimated to this body-mind wholeness, you may sense a healing presence that gently ebbs and flows in graceful, delicate waves that feel like subtle breathing in your whole body. This ebb and flow is primary respiration, which synchronizes then transcends the breath in your lungs. You may notice body parts, bones, tissues, muscles, and organs merge into a unified sensuous protoplasmic flow.

This subtle breathing presence is known as the ‘wisdom of the body’ that reconnects the parts and unites your body-mind as one flowing unit of harmony that can only be described as unconditional love. When you contact primary breath and sense your fluid-body breathing in this sensuous manner and you may say something like “I feel connected to my body”, “I am whole, and my heart feels intimately connected to life”, “I am myself again”.

Craniosacral Therapy, or Biodynamic Cranial Touch, can be a key treatment for children with ADD, insomnia, learning difficulties, and those who have suffered emotional or physical trauma, no matter how apparently mild the trauma.