We are so thrilled to welcome Specialized Master Trainer, Alicia Rypma to the Centre for this class! Starting September 13th.

Every Wednesday 12pm-1:15pm

This 75 min GYROKINESIS® class synthesizes beginner and intermediate GYROKINESIS® and Qigong material and encourages freedom within the class to support delving into a deeper personal exploration. The main focus for the class is to bring forth, vitality and calmness. This is a stream line of GYROKINESIS® and Qigong. Bringing forth the Qi state is one way we can find the support for the body to deeply settle down and synthesize movements through the energetic system and in a proper way everything calms down to a vibrant steady point. This class is designed to give time for guided movements, resting, lying down or sitting and noticing the internal alive and vibrant center to come forth.

Some GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS® experience is encouraged.
~All are welcome~