gyrotonicThe GYROTONIC Expansion Method is an original and unique exercise practice designed to develop fluidity, strength and ease of movement. With its roots in Yoga, Tai Chi and dance, it is a system designed to give you the key to unlock your body’s flowing potential.

Using a specialized piece of equipment, the Gyrotonic Tower, exercises focus on spirals and circular motions, allowing your body to begin opening towards full, natural ranges of motion. The sequences are carefully crafted, using breath and rhythm to create balance, strength and flexibility.

As joints begin to glide and open, the muscles, ligaments and tendons find new ways to let go and move, and bones come into a natural alignment so the entire body can begin to open.

In time, joints learn to return to their natural range of motion without jarring or compression. Sticky areas we have learned to live with and believe will be ever a challenge, start to awaken. Over the weeks of practice, you will experience a noticeable change in your movement.

Gyrotonic has a child like quality to it. It encourages play in the spine, the ribs, the shoulders, the hips, the ankles and the feet.

It is a great addition to any cross training program and complements Pilates, Yoga, dance, gym work, and other exercise modalities. It is also key to keeping the entire body in fluid motion for anyone who enjoys sports whether competitive team or individual.

Experience fluidity you never imagined possible.