Kathleen McDonough

With nearly 30 years of hands on Orthopedic Manual Therapy, experience, Kathleen has developed a holistic approach to her work. She reviews the injury in the context of the body as a whole rather than the injured joint as a separate entity. Injuries are often the result of a lack of balance around the joints which create compensations throughout the body. Kathleen reviews these compensations and uses joint mobilization to help return balance.

She is also a PMA Certified Pilates teacher, studying at the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder. Taking the rehabilitation process to it’s fullest extent, Kathleen helps return muscular balance to the whole body, strengthening and lengthening, using the Pilates Method.

Kathleen has nearly 30 years of hands on Orthopedic Manual Therapy experience. She began her studies at Stanford University where she gained a Master of Arts in Physical Therapy. Since then she has had an extensive career from working with patients with severe spine injuries to working with elite athletes and professional dancers.

She has a wide ranging array of continuing education which includes Canadian Manual Therapy and Osteopathic Treatment. She is also a national and international lecturer to the American Physical Therapy Association and she is an instructor in post-graduate physical therapy training programs in aggressive spine stabilization and rehabilitation.

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  • Dr. Anne M Cummings


    Please send brochures to my office. I was told of your practice by a mutual patient and I would like to refer patients. Please let me know what type of patients you would most like to work with.

    Dr. Anne M. Cummings, MD, FACP
    1300 S. Eliseo Drive
    Suite 201
    Greenbrae, CA
    415-464-8964 fax


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