Kathryn Hood

Founder and owner of The Centre, Kathryn Hood is passionate about the body, the mind and the nervous system, and recognizes that fluid movement is a key to health, happiness and longevity.

Kathryn’s career took a divergent path in 2009 when she trained to become a Structural Integrator (the Rolf Method). It became evident early on that the body is not only intensely connected through the skeletal-muscular system, but every system in the body in intricately and deeply connected. In order to allow for a pain-free, fluid body, all systems need to be considered and approached.

Kathryn has subsequently trained in CranioSacral Therapy, BioDialectic Craniosacral, Canadian Osteopathic Manual Therapy and she works with the viscera, gently helping the organs to return to a neutral, floating, fluid state. Each modality Kathryn has trained in presents a key to resetting and integrating the nervous system.

Kathryn has studied with some of the world’s renowned anatomy geeks, movement specialists and manual therapy teachers including Emmett Hutchins, Amber Leigh Burnham,Tom Myers, Gil Hedley, Ron Murray, Irene Dowd, Mary Bond, Keli Fine, Adrianna Thompson, Madeline Black, Cara Reeser, Mercy Sidbury and the Upledger Institute.

Kathryn has been practicing Pilates and yoga for many years and her interest in movement has led her to study with Mary Bond, Certified Rolf Movement trainer, and trainers in the Franklin Method of Movement. In Australia, Kathryn worked with movement educator, Janice Burgess whose ability to assess patterns of stress and to develop client-specific movement strategies has helped hasten injury recovery time and eliminated many postural imbalances. She is currently working with yoga mentor, Mynx Inatsugo, who specializes in form and function.

Having grown up with scoliosis, Kathryn has also delved into the Schroth Method of exercises for scoliosis. Through Structural Integration, Pilates, yoga and Schroth’s particular method of correction, Kathryn has not only helped reduce and halt the progression of her own scoliotic curve, but has helped numerous teenagers and adults with scoliotic spinal patterns.

Kathryn fundamentally believes that our bodies began life with a blueprint of innate wisdom. As an embryo we developed uniformly and from the third or fourth week after conception we begin to play with the spirals that become mechanisms for walking, dancing, moving. Once we enter the world, we begin developing patterns many of which are the result of our cultural setting – sitting, placing shoes on our feet, using computers, etc. Some of these activities create negative patterns in our system, but Kathryn believes that ultimately the nervous system ‘knows’ where home is, it merely needs to be prompted to find its way there.