Nubia Teixeira

Nubia’s Reiki lineage:

Nubia has received her first Reiki initiations in São Paulo, Brazil in the year of 1996, concluding the level of Master in 1998 in the traditional Mikao Usui Method.

In 1997 Nubia met her Tibetan Buddhist Teacher, Lama Gangchen and received Initiation in Buddhist Self Healing NgalSo. This practice of NgalSo along with Reiki became the foundation of her daily ritual of connecting to healing light, within and without.

In 2016 Nubia received Reiki empowerment from Lama Gangchen in his method of Reiki called Tchagwang NgalSo Reiki.

Inspired by Lama Gangchen’s approach Nubia shares the teachings of Reiki in the Buddha Shakyamuni/Lama Gangchen lineage.

For more information:

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