Physical Therapy

Many rehabilitation professionals treat symptoms, and sometimes that works just fine. Often times though, the pain you are feeling is the symptom of something else, perhaps an injury in another area that never completely got better. Kathleen has the ability to look at the body as a whole, which means she can look beyond a current injury and often trace back weaknesses in the body that may have led to the injury. This insight helps to prevent the injury from recurring, and is a huge benefit of incorporating Pilates into your rehabilitation.

Athletes often see Kathleen for problems related to muscular imbalances. Over-working the big strong muscle groups over time can lead to the smaller deeper support muscles getting weaker, and the stronger, more superficial muscles getting stronger. The result is muscular imbalance ­ a primary cause of injuries and chronic back pain. Balancing small and large muscles with strength and flexibility leads to better and safer sports performance, and a longer active sports career.

Kathleen has many years experience as a Physical Therapist and PMA-Certified Pilates Instructor. What sets her apart as a PT is her dedication providing the best care and attention to her patients. To do this, Kathleen is committed to listening to her clients and staying absolutely committed to their goals and recovery, as well as keeping up with scientific, clinical and experiential knowledge in the ever changing world of the physical body. She assesses each patient individually and provides unique advice to each person, taking their daily physical activities into account and working out specific routines which help balance the body and reduce the impact of the injury.

Her curiosity to learn more about the Pilates Method took her to study and graduate from Pilates at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO and also Polestar Pilates, two of the most comprehensive and well-respected Pilates training programs in the world. Adding this whole body exercise and movement method to her expertise and knowledge base allows Kathleen to offer her clients a service above and beyond PT, helping to keep their bodies injury free and fluid.

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