What a blessing to know that your own healing is in the palms of your hands…

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a transmission of vital energy from universal source by one initiated person to another sentient being.

Reiki is a healing force with its own intelligence and intent, and it is applied by laying one’s hands in a loving and kind way on the body of the recipient.

What to expect from your Reiki session?
Reiki supports harmony in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. The flow of light energy that is channeled during a Reiki session provides deep relaxation and realignment.

In a state of relaxation one can experience insightfulness and access wisdom from a place of nourishment and connection to the inner self.

The gift of light, the gift of healing and the gift of love that comes with Reiki are precious and so needed in our time and culture.

Book a session for you and for someone you love:

Email: [email protected]
Price: $108 for one session/ $180 for two sessions/ $240 for three.