The Centre for Structural Re-Integration (The Centre) is dedicated to restoring and maintaining the structural integritreedom and ease of movement to enhance every aspect of daily life and age with graceful fluidity.

Located in Marin County, The Centre offers a holistic and integrative approach to movement, fitness, fluidity, potential and a healthy body-mind connection. The team is dedicated to restoring and maintaining the structural integrity of our clients’ bodies. Our goal is to help unlock the body’s true potential to experience freedom and ease of movement to enhance every aspect of daily life and age with graceful fluidity.


The Centre is no ordinary fitness studio. The space has been lovingly designed to enhance clients’ experience, whether they come in for Physical Therapy, bodywork, stillness work or movement and exercise.

The Centre brings together a team of Pilates, Yoga, GYROTONIC®, dance and movement teachers who are individual experts in their fields.

The team also includes renowned Physical Therapist and Pilates Teacher, Kathleen McDonough who is dedicated to bringing ease to clients seeking rehabilitation and pain relief.

Understanding that fluid, unhampered movement is one of the keys to a healthy nervous system, longevity and fluidity, we offer a variety of modalities to work towards strength, flexibility and balanced structure.

The Centre is for anyone wanting to improve overall fitness from athletes to teens to seniors as well as people seeking rehabilitation after surgery or those experiencing generally aches and pains.

From Structural Integration which works on the connective tissue, systematically releasing negative patterns of daily stress and impaired function, to Craniosacral Therapy which acts upon the nervous system, gently releasing dura around the cranium and spinal column to help to relieve pain and improve function, to teaching Functional Movement which clients can utilize in their daily activities, to Pilates which educates and tones key intrinsic muscles that often have become largely inactive due to overuse of the larger outer muscles.

Other services we offer are GYROKINESIS®, GYROTONIC®, yoga, and belly-dancing. All of our services are essential elements to help provide flow and new proprioceptions to our body and mind, improving the efficiency and integrity of our entire structure.

Through these various services, good posture becomes effortless, breathing and moving easier, and the body becomes more flexible, more balanced and more co-ordinated. The end result is the wondrous experience of true mind-body

Whether you are looking to improve your levels of fitness, to strengthen your core, to increase flexibility or to ease knee pain, back pain or neck pain, The Centre is a great place to start.

The Centre provides a holistic approach to balancing and aligning the body utilizing manual therapy and client-specific movement training. Clients benefit from experience true mind-body awareness which allows them to tap into their body’s innate wisdom.